Komaen Tea

Komaen Tea

Irvine, California, June 18th, 2017. OrganizeMax LLC is excited to announce exclusive partnership with Komaen Tea Corporation. OrganizeMax LLC will be exclusive re-seller and importer for Komaen Tea for USA and Global Market. OrganizeMax experience, quality, storage capability, and dedication to customer satisfaction makes perfect partner to bring this amazing 400-year old tea to the Global market.

Komaen Tea Corporation was established in Laos in a year 2016 by two visionary entrepreneurs. These famous 400-year old tea trees are in the mountainous Komaen region 18 kilometers away from the town of Phongsali, which per some tea experts has some of the oldest tea tress in the World. The large root system of the old trees extends deep into the mineral rich soil that gives the tea distinct aroma and taste.

Figure 1: Komaen Tea Processing Location in Ban Komaen

Komaen Tea preserves tea and tea leaf by utilizing old tea collection and drying techniques to preserve the special aroma and taste that is unique to Ban Komaen. The tea is naturally grown and processed with care and passion for preserving these 400-year old trees.


Figure 2: 400-Year-Old Tea Trees


Figure 3: Freshly Picked 400-Year-Old Komaen Tea

The tea leaves are dryed using two traditional methods of charcoal firing and sun drying for shelf stability and for flavor enchancement. Komaen Tea uses finish-firing to preserve the unique flavor that comes from these 400 year old trees, which also enchances the flavor and aroma of the leaves without changing it the original flavor.

Figure 4: Sun Dried Komaen Tea Leaves

Please contact us at support@organizemax.com for sales inquiries, questions, and or comments. We are excited to bring this amazing 400-year-old tea for you as a partner from Komaen Tea Corporation.

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